RAIL users are demanding government action with ticket price hikes on the way just as a month of strike action comes to an end.

Trains fares set to be introduced tomorrow will see a rise on average by 2.7 per cent.

The increase means an annual season ticket from Bournemouth to London Waterloo will cost £7,140, up from £6,944 a year ago, or £8,084 to include London Travelcard Zones one to six.

An annual season ticket from Bournemouth to Southampton Central will set passengers back £2,972, a rise from £2,892.

Anyone arriving at Bournemouth railway station to buy a return trip to the capital will have to fork out £118.40 for a standard ticket and £195,30 for first class.

If the financial misery was not enough, further strikes could be on the way in February.

Pushed to breaking point, passengers have now finally “had enough”.

Jeremy Varns, representative of campaign group South Western Railway Watch, said frustrations are growing over the lack of government intervention.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that he wants to “unlock the nation’s potential” and invest in the country’s infrastructure,” said Mr Varns.

“A top priority for the new government must be to expand public transport and reform the way services and managed and funded.”

Meanwhile, Denis Fryer, coordinator of South Hampshire Rail Users’ Group, said: “Unfortunately, there has been little political will to contain rail fare increases since privatisation, and season tickets cost increasingly large percentages of commuters’ incomes.

“While Government points to increasing investment in rail, there is limited tangible evidence of improvements in the Wessex area.”

David Sidebottom, director of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said: “Passengers have had enough of the ongoing industrial action on South Western Railway services. They have faced lost time, money, more driving and deep frustration at not being able to rely on the trains.

“It is vital that the parties in this dispute get back around the table to urgently resolve it without bringing the railway to a standstill.”

A spokesperson for SWR said: “Passengers will be extremely frustrated that after strikes through December and January, the RMT union is trying to take this dispute into yet another year. We’re open to talks with the union.”

The Daily Echo has contacted RMT for comment.