DORSET residents have voiced mixed opinions after being asked to pay an extra £1.25 a month so police can recruit 50 new officers.

While many would like to see more "Bobbies on the beat" others feel they already pay more than enough.

The county police and crime commissioner, Martyn Underhill proposed to increase the precept earlier this month.

The £1.25 figure is based on a band D property and remains subject to funding announcements from central government which were delayed as a result of the general election.

Last week Mr Underhill would be stepping down from his role and will not stand for re-election in May 2020 for a third term as PCC.

Giving their views on the Bournemouth Echo Facebook page one reader said: "Yes if it’s spent on actual Bobbies on the beat preventing and dealing with crime."

Another added: "As long as it actually went towards the cost of wages for said new officers, not into pay rises and bonuses of higher fat cats."

On a similar theme, a reader said: "I would happily pay twice the amount if it put boots on the ground."

However, many readers oppose the suggested price hike.

One said: "No I would not top brass should have a pay cut."

"No. They need to learn to manage their money better, the government get enough money already."

Another said: "No, my council tax is already extortionate."

As previously reported by the Bournemouth Echo, concerning his decision not to stand for election, Mr Underhill said he feels a “change of direction is called for” and will look to build on his charity work, as well as his role as a lay canon for the Salisbury Diocese.

Mr Underhill added: “Dorset Police is faced with the additional costs of nationally agreed salary increases and pension liabilities, as well as new training and recruitment requirements, all of which means that simply providing the current service will cost millions more than it did this year.

“In order that the Force can not only maintain that service, but also enhance it with new officers, additional funding is required, and I fear this will not come from central government when the settlements are announced. Mr Underhill said he is “frustrated” at asking for more money.