I REFER to my letter published on Christmas Eve regarding the proposal by the current administration to oust current (and long standing) beach hut owners in order to facilitate those with more money, and write in order to respond to a few of the somewhat ill-informed comments.

Firstly to those of you who wrote that I don't know the difference between income and profit you clearly aren't aware that current owners pay rent only for the ground that their hut stands on.

The huts are paid for and maintained by the owners themselves.

The council have absolutely no expenditure or outgoings at all, therefore the rental income IS wholly profit.

Secondly, several comments were made that paying the current rent of just over £1,000 per annum means current owners must be well off.

This is absolutely not the case – for example I live on a limited pension but go without and cut back other things so that I can afford this and there are many others in the same situation.

Many (including me) pay by monthly direct debit to spread the cost out. Also, in many cases, whole families club together in order to be able to pay the annual rent.

All hut owners spent many years on the waiting list but now it seems if you have enough money you can not only jump the queue but cause long standing owners to be evicted.

Many have had their hut for years – indeed, two families near to my hut have both been in their 'spot' for over thirty years.

Is it really fair to summarily 'evict' them because someone with more money wants the spot?

Wasn't Magna Carta activated in 1215 to protect people from such arbitrary behaviour?

Mind you, I do admire the timing – A Christmas Carol is one of the most popular seasonal stories and both Cllr Slade (leader of the council) and Cllr Allison (cabinet member) would certainly be candidates for the role of Scrooge.


Sea Road, Boscombe