WHY is it so difficult for governments and councils to give people what they actually want, we have seen this with Brexit, it has taken several years and an election to prove that the electorate actually wanted the powers that be to get Brexit done.

Locally it is even more obvious, in Poole we have the Twin Sails bridge, when what people actually wanted was a reliable crossing not something iconic.

We are informed about the idea to move Poole Railway Station, do the general public actually want this?

We have the planned closure of Poole A&E and the maternity unit, again going against what the majority of people want.

In order to accommodate the closures, plans are proposed for the expansion of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital.

Again, what people would like to see here is a proper road system in order for people to get in and out of the hospital, which should also provide adequate parking facilities, this is what people really want.

People would like to see toilet facilities provided not closed down, look at the excellent toilet facilities opened in Hamworthy, provided by a local company, this is what people want to see happen, more toilets opened.

On Poole Quay we have something called Sea Music. Did the majority of people actually want that and the money spent on it, and also the cost recently of refurbishing it?

Now the council have given us the grand idea of a metal knot sited on what used to be the Hunger Hill roundabout, do the general public actually want money spent on this, I very much doubt it.

Give the public things that they actually want like the refurbishment of the old, or a new bus station in Poole, also a new bus terminus in Bournemouth.

A road system that benefits vehicle travel and not just altered in order to provide cycleways.

A reliable crossing over Poole Harbour that does not keep breaking down and is out of action for several months.

This is what the public want, councils you can forget the iconic bit, give us things that are practical and useful.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy