BOSCOMBE'S "white elephant" police box is being 'used as a notice board for drug dealers', residents say.

A mobile phone number – and the words 'call me 4 weed' – have been scrawled in pen on a plaque bolted onto the side of the Tardis.

It happened just months after the phone box was heavily daubed in graffiti.

The box, which was unveiled in April 2014, has attracted vandals on a number of occasions in recent years.

That's in spite of the fact that it is overlooked by CCTV cameras.

The Tardis was initially installed in the precinct in a bid to deter criminals. Officials from Dorset Police said the box would be staffed "as much as is operationally possible during the trading hours in the precinct".

But traders and those living in the area said they now rarely see officers at the site.

A police spokesperson has also confirmed that staff are no longer permanently based at the police box itself.

However, two Community Safety Accredited Scheme (CSAS) officers are designated to patrolling the precinct area, along with two police constables from the local neighbourhood policing team.

One resident told the Daily Echo the Tardis is largely viewed as a "white elephant".

He said: "It's just yet another thing to happen there.

"What's the point of it? Police officers had promotions over that Tardis.

"It just feels like money was wasted."

Others say the attraction is becoming little more than a "notice board" for vandals and dealers.

The Daily Echo has called the number on the phone box, which doesn't appear to be in use.