THE council's announcement that they will plant trees to offset massive air show pollution could not make it clearer this council has absolutely no commitment to take on the serious decisions needed to turn round ever rising greenhouse gas pollution.

The statement from BCP Council is beyond derision. As if a few sapling trees will have any neutralising impact on hundreds of tons of polluting carbon, sulphur, and nitrates poured into the air every year from the air show.

Has no-one in the council got any concept of what "emergency" means?

We don't have to have an air show.

The right decision, if we are to make our contribution to help stop global climate running inexorably out of control, is to end the air show. Last year must be the last year.

But then, the truth is, look into council ranks you will find very few if any scientists, let alone environmental scientists. We end with the blind leading the blind.

And so it is we have the credibility of the desperately needed Navitus wind farm trashed by hysterical MPs and councillors in 2015.

The very worst from council, condemning the wind farm for "noise disruption", at 12 miles out at sea no more than a whisper, whilst applauding screaming jets roaring over the towns, pumping hundreds of tons of greenhouse gasses into the air.

Such is the utter poverty of climate policy coming from BCP council and Dorset MPs.

For those who don't know, Victoria Falls have dried up. And multiply this by 10,000 world wide as the power of climate instability (positive feedback) accelerates year on year.

BCP council you need to make hard decisions, rapidly, not fiddle around with third rate PR fables.


Alder Road, Poole