A FAMILY magic show is coming to Bournemouth to get everyone in the mood for Christmas.

Magician Tom Brace, brings his Brace Of Spades show to Shelley Theatre on Tuesday, December 24.

We caught up with Tom to find out what people can look forward to.

Tom highlights the importance of variety and a place for younger and older audiences to enjoy together. “It is important to find a middle ground. I wanted to create a show that moved away from adult cabaret or a zany entertainer.”

“There is a way to play to younger and adult audiences and create something where everyone feels included and enjoys. For instance, the interaction and response from a five-year-old on stage is completely different from a forty-year-old.”

When it comes to live performance, it is the unexpected that Tom thrives on.

He said: “Whilst the show is scripted and rehearsed, you cannot beat those unpredictable moments. The curveball situations and the instant reactions are what make being a magician such a privileged place to be. I love being challenged, who knows what someone is going to say when they are up on stage with me!”

“Performing magic in front of a live audience is an occasion that is shared. To me, this is complete entertainment. People respond in different ways and it is my role to make sure everyone feels a part of the experience.”

Whilst the show includes a whole host of tricks, there is a section of the show that Tom always enjoys performing.

He said: “There is a segment that is dedicated to mind reading. To some, this is seen as an impossible thing. To see the reaction from the audience at this part of the show is something that I always enjoy.”

The show also brings a close to a busy year at Shelley Theatre until new performances start again in January.

Tom said: “It’s great to be the last performer of 2019 at Shelley Theatre. I want everyone who comes to the show, to have an hour of complete escapism and to get lost in another world. When we finish, everyone will be ready for Christmas. I like taking on that responsibility.”

*Brace of Spades, Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth, Tuesday, December 24, 5pm. Call the box office on 01202 413600 for tickets.