A WOMAN who kept six dogs in a filthy home and failed to take proper care of them has been banned from keeping any animal for five years.

Jillian Sanford's dogs have been taken away from her after the 71-year-old admitted a series of offences at Poole Magistrates' Court.

Animals owned by the defendant, who lives in Oaklands Close in Verwood, were "heavily infested" with fleas. Some had eye diseases and long claws which affected their feet.

Sanford, who appeared at court late last month, admitted three offences of causing dogs in her care to suffer unnecessarily.

It was heard that she failed to provide suitable treatment for an entrapped claw for an English setter named Star. She also didn't address a chronic eye condition for a whippet name Leila and failed to seek appropriate professional veterinary care for chronic dental disease for whippets Merlin and Manuka.

In addition, Sanford admitted failing to take steps to ensure the needs of a number of whippet dogs were met by providing a suitable environment for them, and a further count of failing to protect the dogs from pain, injury, suffering and disease.

The court ordered that the defendant's dogs Liam, Leira, Merlin, Manuka, Minty and Aimee be taken away from her under section 33 of the Animal Welfare Act 2003.

The RSPCA will care for the creatures.

Inspector Patrick Bailey, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, said: “The dogs were found to be heavily infested with fleas, they had conjunctivitis in their eyes and dermatitis on their feet and body, all of which was attributable to the unsuitable environment they had been found to be living in.

"Many had long, overgrown claws, turning toes out of normal alignment, and dog faeces compacted in between the pads and claws on their feet.”

Sanford had not followed previous advice from the RSPCA. Officials had told her on a previous occasion that the living conditions she had provided were unsuitable and that she had a legal duty to probide the dogs with a clean, safe living environment.

Sanford was ordered to pay a £750 fine, as well as costs of £400 and a £30 victim surcharge.