FOR years, I supported votes at 16. For years, I was a non-party political young person engaged in democracy because I wanted other young people to have their say. Now they do have their say, I’m shocked, ashamed and almost embarrassed at the approach taken by some former contemporaries

I’m really happy you’re engaged in democracy, truly, I am, but the attitude and approach you’ve taken is truly vile; so vile in fact, it’s made me question how you even have the ability and right to vote… because you’re acting like a child who’s thrown their toys out of the pram.

Calling people names, comparing them to Lady MacBeth and saying they “enjoy the deaths of poor people” is no different than turning up on someone’s doorstep and telling them that they’re sinners for not following whichever religion that’s being peddled. It’s unnecessary, it’s uncalled for and it’s really not wanted.

Judging by the outcome of the election, your aggressive approach has had a counteractive effect. I won’t lie, I don’t want to be associated with a group of people who sit behind their keyboards name calling, attempting to guilt trip people and those who are just being vile and rude for no legitimate reason. It’s like having nits and giving people a hug – no thank you.

Now, from what I see, most of those aggressive Labour supporters are the ones who in the next breath are saying: “If you didn’t vote Labour you support racism, homophobia, islamophobia, hate transgenders…” etc, which suggests that they’re big on inclusivity, yet their name calling, ostracising and keyboard-warrior attack on the character of those who didn’t vote Labour is actually a form of bigotry. You’re judging people for being different. You’re making generalisations.

You’re trying to make yourselves the heroes, when in actual fact, it negates the point you’re trying to make and actually in my eyes, you’re being the villain.

Look, friends, I understand we have freedom of speech, but we also have the right to be free from discrimination, which includes political belief or political activity. So whilst you’re being all high and mighty, fighting for your precious Labour, just remember that whilst supporting your all inclusive (anti-Semitic) party, you’re being the very thing you want to get rid of.

Laughable, truly.

Your words are somewhat extreme, your attitude is entitled and childish, which is ironic, because you’re saying Conservative voters are entitled, however, I’m yet to see one post from a non-Labour voter slandering those who have voted for whomever they wanted.

Did I vote Labour? No. Did I vote Conservative? No…ne of your business because there were other candidates with manifestos just as good, or better than Labour.

So I’m just going to take my vote and shove it… in the box where they told me to put it because that’s the end of that.

JEMIMA SMITH, 24-and-a-half,

Lyme Regis House, Holdenhurst Road