RESIDENTS are calling for measures to be taken after a recent spate of crashes on Alexandra Road in Poole.

Last week Bournemouth Echo reported two crashes on Alexandra Road, one involving an overturned Audi and a two-vehicle collision between a grey Toyota and a white Skoda Octavia taxi.

Melanie Parr, 43, a resident on Alexandra Road, said: “It’s a 20 miles per hour zone and everybody just ignores it.

“The road has long been used as a rat-run between Ashley Road and Bournemouth road and the issue is further exacerbated by large sections of unregulated parking.

“The road is down to one lane because of parking, but people are not driving as if it is. Double yellow lines won’t stop the speeding though. Perhaps it should be made into a one-way road.”

Mrs Parr said her family had lived on Alexandra Road for five years and the issue has always been there.

She continued: “There is nothing to stop people driving at 30 or 40 miles per hour. Bollards have been put in, but they are chicaning through there and not slowing down for them.

“After the accident last week, the taxi was straight across the pavement. If that had been a child walking along, they would not have had a chance.

“It’s almost like the council are waiting for something to happen. Something needs to be done to make people more aware.”

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “Road safety interventions are prioritised in locations that have seven or more casualty collisions within 50m in a five-year period and where a pattern has occurred that could be addressed by an engineering measure - we call these locations cluster sites.

“There have been four reported collisions causing casualties in the last five years in Alexandra Road and there is no cluster site.

“We have listened to resident’s concerns and suggestions for road changes. We would not recommend making the route one way, as such routes do not have any opposing traffic and can encourage higher vehicle speeds, therefore being counterproductive to improving safety.

"We are monitoring the situation and are working with our partner agencies including the police to deal with speeding and dangerous driving.”