There was to be no upset in Mid Dorset and North Poole by the Liberal Democrat leader of BCP Council, Vikki Slade at the second time of asking.

The astonishing surge in Conservative support nationally meant that even this slim chance was not to be.

In fact Conservative Michael Tomlinson held his seat by polling a huge 29,000 votes and racking up a very comfortable majority.

He said: “Wow, I am humbled by this result which is the product of real team work."

He added: “Dorset has spoken and we will deliver.”

As the exit poll gave the scale of the victory to come, Cllr Slade took to social media to say she was she heartbroken for the country.

She told the Echo: “We are into really scary times.

"If Johnson’s majority is as big as being predicted, it is just very depressing that so many people want Brexit done and do not seem to care about the future of the NHS and saving the planet.”

But Mr Tomlinson told the Echo: “It’s a fantastic evening for us.

"To see the votes stacking up is quite something.

“The national result is not something people were expecting.

"All the talk in the past few days has been about the polls narrowing but it hasn’t happened.”

He admitted that Brexit would not be completed quickly but added: “Boris is resonating with the voters and so is his message.”

In Poole, Sir Robert Syms was re-elected with 29,000 vote, winning a majority bigger than his actual vote when he first stood.

“This is a very good result for us. I have worked hard and have a personal vote but more than that people now feel the Conservatives can represent them better than anyone else.

"The government will press ahead with Brexit and this will allow us to negotiate with the EU. The markets have reacted very positively.”

The turnout in Mid Dorset and North Poole was 75.02 per cent with 49,081 votes cast.

In Poole turnout was 68.42 per cent with 50,622 votes cast.


Mid Dorset

Natalie Carswell, Green 1,330

Joanne Oldale, Labour, 3,402

Vikki Slade, Liberal Democrat 14,650

Michael Tomlinson, Conservative 29,548


Sue Aitkenhead, Labour 10,483

Victoria Collins, Lib Dem 7,819

Barry Harding-Rathbone, Green 1,702

Robert Syms, Conservative 29,599

David Young, Independent 848