Despite troubles within his own constituency association and controversy over upskirting, the veteran Tory MP Sir Christopher Chope was more than comfortably returned in one of the safest seats in the country.

Sir Christopher polled an astonishing 33,894 votes which means his majority is still one of the biggest in Parliament.

In second place was Liberal Democrat, Mike Cox who secured 9,277.

The victory spells another term for the backbencher who was first elected for Christchurch in 1997.

This was his tenth general election.

Previously he represented Southampton Itchen from 1983-92.

He said: “My first election was in 1983 and that was won by strong leadership under Margaret Thatcher.

"This election has been won by the leadership of Boris Johnson and of course on Brexit.

"People are responding to that strong leadership."

Sir Christopher successfully headed off attempts by his association executive to have him removed.

Conservative association members voted overwhelmingly to back his candidacy.

The root of the fallout was largely his spearheading of the campaign against local government reorganisation and the bid to keep Christchurch out of the merger.

Labour candidate Andrew Dunne says he “worried for the country," in light of the national result.

Sir Christopher paid tribute to 'Team Chope' which was led by his wife and election agent, Christo.

"We had some people who had never campaigned before and it is thanks to the team effort that our great result was possible."

The arch Euro sceptic said the national picture was "a huge vote of confidence in the Prime Minister."

Turnout in Christchurch was 73.06 per cent with 52,249 votes cast.


Christopher Chope, Conservative, 33,894

Mike Cox, Liberal Democrat, 9,277

Andrew Dunne, Labour 6,568

Chris Rigby, Green Party, 2,212