I AM writing regarding the article in the Echo of December 11 regarding the statue at the Hunger Hill roundabout.

People have made it perfectly clear, we do not want another statue in Poole, especially at the Hunger Hill roundabout.

So much money, £11million plus, has been wasted on a roundabout that was not necessary, to replace a perfectly safe

serviceable roundabout. That money could have been used for more important things, like widening the 1970s car parking spaces in car parks to accommodate today’s cars.

This roundabout has now become a pedestrian accident waiting to happen with traffic coming from all directions.

Perhaps if the council want to waste more money then it will be far better spent improving the pedestrian stop/walk signage

Instead of the tiny things, put on a couple of the traffic light poles.

This is just not acceptable given the noise and the traffic.

The hard of hearing, visually impaired and the elderly are the people this affects the most, but the general public as a whole are a little miffed with this set-up, as though it was an afterthought, and one day there will be a pedestrian accident.

So, instead of wasting more public money on some stupid statue, perhaps put more money into decent pedestrian signals. You have been warned.


Gorse Lane, Upton