THREE houses in Parkstone could be demolished to make way for 26 flats.

Fayrewood Property has applied for permission to clear homes on the corner of Marlborough and Bournemouth roads to allow the new block to be built.

The outline application comes just over a year after a larger scheme proposed for the site was refused by Poole council.

Under the new plans, one fewer home would be demolished – a move, the developer said, meant it had overcome concerns about the impact on trees and lack of space for residents.

It proposes the construction of a four-storey block of 16 one-, seven two- and three three-bed flats alongside 22 parking spaces.

A statement submitted with the application says the new building would be comparable in scale to other blocks in the area.

"It is important to bear in mind that the site is located in an area the council expects to be intensified in order to deliver the high proportion of infill set out in its policy," it says.

"Urban environments are naturally dense and this particular sustainable transport corridor is not atypical."

It said the gap between the block and the neighbouring bungalow to the north was big enough that the new building would not impact on its residents.

But despite only being submitted a few days ago, the application has already attracted opposition.

Mr Delve, who lives in Gorleston Road, said the block would change the character of Poole.

“The size of the proposed development is an overdevelopment of the site compared to the current building and will be very imposing,” he said.

“We are creating a dark, depressing concrete jungle with buildings overlooking streets taking away any feeling of openness to the detriment of everyone.”

As the application is only outline, final details of layout, scale and appearance of the development would need to be approved before any work could start.

The proposals will be considered by BCP Council planning officers in the coming weeks.