IT’S that time of year again.

How do you react when you hear Noddy Holder bellow “It’s Christmas”?

How do you react when you hear George Michael’s nostalgic memory of Last Christmas? How do you react when you hear Bing Crosby croon about his idealised White Christmas?

Do you despise the chore of present buying or is this task a fulfilling undertaking? Do you enjoy the ritual of unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning, or does this exercise create embarrassment and depression?

Do you enjoy family gatherings or do you long for privacy and time to yourself?

Are you of a secular persuasion, but attend church on Christmas Eve and find the service rewarding? Are you a devout Christian, for whom Christmas has a profound and life-changing significance?

Christmas raises a host of questions, many of which are fuelled by negativity and cynicism. Sophisticated marketing strategies have ensured Christmas is now an overwhelming, over-commercialised nightmare.

It is vital that this reality should not blind us to the central issue of the birth of Christ.

Loving kindness, selflessness and humility should rule our lives – something, perhaps, for us to seriously consider this Christmas.

GEOFFREY LINDLEY, Clayford Avenue, Ferndown