PROFESSIONAL cake baker of 11 years Annette Langley-Tayler is making a luxury hamper for someone with cancer.

Founder of Cakes for Cancer Dorset, Annette is branching out further with her charitable deeds by building a hamper for someone with cancer who has been nominated by their family.

Inspiration for her charity Cakes for Cancer Dorset struck after her youngest brother-in-law died from cancer, and her other brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer.

Annette said: "My brother-in-law lived with us while he had cancer, so I saw firsthand the effect it was having on him. He is clear now, but his favourite thing to eat when he had cancer was coffee cake, which was when I began thinking about setting up my charity.

"There are lots of charities that give cake to children suffering with cancer, but none for adults."

Since Spring 2018, Annette has made over 50 free cakes for those suffering or recovering from cancer, including a wedding cake.

Since then, Annette has been considering more ways to support adults who have been affected by cancer, resulting in the birth of her Christmas hamper idea.

Twelve people have been nominated for the hamper by family and friends on Facebook.

Annette's plan is to put all of the nominated names for the hamper into an online NamePicker, then construct a hamper for the person chosen.

So far, Annette's response for help has been outstanding.

She explained: "I have had a great response from other local businesses that I work closely with, as well as my friends, family and even people I have made cakes for. I am still receiving items everyday from people. "

The hamper is designed to be special, with Annette planning on filling it with luxury and handmade items which have been donated.

She also organised a raffle in November to raise funds for the hamper, which proved to be a big success.

Annette explained her favourite part of the process: "People ringing on my doorbell to deliver items has been amazing. People have been massively generous.

"However, the hardest part is hearing all the stories of the people nominated for the hamper. It makes me realise how fortunate I am."

If you would like to support Annette's hamper project, visit her Facebook page: and contact her there.

The deadline for donations is December 19.