A MUM and daughter brawled at an Elvis Presley tribute night in Poole, a court heard.

Susan and Celi Digby got involved in a row which broke out in the bar at the end of the performance.

Although the scuffle did not initially involve either of them, Susan Digby, 53, was shoved to the floor and suffered a concussion.

However, when police arrived, they went to arrest her.

Celi Digby, 21, grabbed a female police officer by the forearm leaving a scratch on her skin.

Her 20-year-old boyfriend Kyle Flowers, who was also at the event, 'lunged and kicked' PC Jordan Gill on the leg when he was confronted.

Both were arrested for assaulting police officers while Susan Digby was later charged with a public order offence for verbal abuse following the fracas at Poole Lighthouse.

All three appeared at Poole Magistrates' Court last week where they pleaded guilty to the offences.

Charlotte Kelly, prosecuting said: "This incident involves police officers who were attending Poole Lighthouse in the bar area.

"They were responding because of an altercation to do with other people.

"Mrs Digby was pushed to the floor which led to a physical and verbal altercation.

"Her daughter Miss Digby grabbed an officer by the arm causing scratches to the forearm.

"Mr Flower lunged and kicked at an officer. There were no injuries but there was pain."

Debra Scudamore, mitigating for all three defendants, said the incident had left a long lasting effect on the family.

She said: "These are people of previously good character and this has had a tremendous impact on the family.

"They had been at an Elvis tribute night and afterwards Mrs Digby was pushed across the room.

"She has been suffering from a serious ongoing brain injury but the people who did that have not been arrested or brought to justice themselves.

"When the police arrived they seemed to be arresting the wrong people and that is what provoked the response.

"Miss Digby is deeply apologetic and did not mean to hurt anyone.

"Looking back in hindsight she has said she wants to write to the police officer to say sorry."

Celi Digby, of Huntick Road, Lytchett Minster, was fined £115, ordered to pay £135 costs and £50 compensation to her victim.

Flowers, of Bournemouth Road, Charlton Marshall, was fined £120, told to pay £135 costs and £100 compensation to his victim.

Susan Digby, also from Huntick Road, was given a 12 month conditional discharge and told to pay £85 in costs.