A BOURNEMOUTH lady was shocked to discover her cat had been mauled to death by two dogs on Sunday, December 1.

Sue Talbot, 67, of Tyrell Gardens, claimed her cat, Phoebe, was killed by two “aggressive” dogs in the neighbourhood.

Mrs Talbot said: “I saw the owners of the dogs in my garden. Unbeknown to me the dogs had chased my cat out the back of my house and caught her in someone else’s garden and killed her.

“I am completely in shock. I feel completely and utterly drained by it all. I had to break the news to my daughter and grandson. The cat was my daughter’s before moving in with me. They were in disbelief.”

Phoebe was 19 years old and was given to Mrs Talbot after her daughter was worried for her safety living on a busy road.

“People can say it’s just a cat, but she was a lot more than that,” Mrs Talbot continued.

"For her to meet her demise in that way is the worst thing that could have happened.

“I have three rescue dogs and surround myself with rescue animals. I am considering getting rid of the animals because of this.

“I can’t believe how many times dogs are let off the lead. I’m too old to be scared.

“My cat lived peacefully for 19 years before this.”

Mrs Talbot said she had informed the council and the police on Monday about the incident.

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “We have been made aware of the incident involving the tragic death of a cat and our officers are investigating into this matter.

“We take attacks such as these extremely seriously and would advise anyone who witnesses dogs being aggressive to contact the dog warden on 01202 261700.”

Dorset Police confirmed they received a report about the incident at 1.52pm that day and referred the matter to the council dog warden to take further action.