AS a hard-working NHS employee, I have made the most of my holiday off work this week. I have visited both Southsea, Portsmouth and Winchester where the lights and Christmas market were lovely. Both places I walked safely and without fear, not seeing any beggars, chancers or rough sleepers.

Today we visited Bournemouth Town centre, parking at 5pm and walking from near the town hall through the gardens to see the trees, down to the Christmas beach huts and back. We counted 15 people begging or sleeping rough and were approached twice by men asking for spare change (one with a can of lager in his hand). I was saddened and disappointed at what our beautiful town has become, especially after visiting two other towns and not seeing any.

There were no town rangers, PCSOs or Police to be seen either. What does our town looks like to people visiting on holiday? We were back in our car and home by 6pm,

ANNE MILLWARD, Throop Road, Bournemouth