AN UNMANNED crossing that BCP council is expecting primary school children to use after their lollipop man retires is 'not fit for purpose' according to a local mum.

Catherine Harty, who is a member of the parents' association at Hill View Academy in Redhill said: "If you look at the crossing you can't even see a lot of it - all the lines are faded or covered up. I don't think many drivers will see it as well as they should do."

Parents at the school fear that when their crossing patrolman retires the council is planning not to replace him. They say their patrolman is regularly ignored by drivers and, said Ms Harty: "If they don't stop for a man in a florescent coat with a giant lollipop they are not going to stop for parents or kids, are they?"

She said her photographic images of the crossing did not show how busy the road could get, or the tendency of some drivers to park on double yellow lines there which, she said, increased danger.

Ms Harty contacted councillor Jackie Edwards, who represents Redhill and Northbourne. In an email Ms Edwards said: "I suggest the best option is to ask for your views to be taken into consideration as part of the review on school patrol crossing.

"No decision has been made regarding the future provision of a school crossing patroller at this location. Currently, we are discussing the future provision of this service and how it may be administered across BCP Council with Cabinet Members. Whilst this discussion is ongoing, no replacement will be actively recruited. This is in recognition of the fact that the location has a zebra crossing in place and, as stated in the press release, in other areas where a change in service has been made following similar circumstances to Hillview, this has not resulted in any untoward issues with road safety."

Ms Harty said she was unhappy with the response. "I feel it's almost as if they were saying there's been no accidents so far so it doesn't matter, she said."

The Echo attempted to contact BCP portfolio holder for transport and infrastructure, Andy Hadley, but he did not return our call.