MR Hitchcott writes (November 29) on behalf of the Southern Porsche Club to complain about cyclists. If he had specified 'some' or 'a minority of' cyclists he might have some grounds, but his catch-all generalising makes a nonsense of his argument.

I am a cyclist and a motorist. In both capacities I believe I am safe and considerate of other road users and pedestrians. I am not guilty of any of the infractions of which he convicts all cyclists. Like most cyclists and motorists however, my ability to quote the Highway Code is limited. To ensure my and others' fluency in relating that constantly evolving document, the government would have to test all road users on a regular basis, requiring an expensive bureaucracy that would receive little support.

Better by far, I feel, would be a more positive attitude: most cyclists ride considerately and each ensures one fewer car to obstruct the safe and contended motoring of Mr Hitchcott and his fellow Porsche drivers. All cyclists should show respect to other road users, and all cyclists deserve respect in return.


The Vicarage, St Aldhelms Road, Poole