PLANS to replace two Bournemouth houses with a three-storey block of student flats have been refused for a second time.

BCP Council rejected Ratan Lal’s application for the Southcote Road site, criticising its “cramped and congested” appearance and potential to exacerbate parking issues nearby.

In his report, planning officer Peter Burridge added it would negatively affect the living conditions of both its residents and neighbours.

“The proposal would provide new purpose-built student accommodation within a sustainable location,” he said.

“However, it would be an overdevelopment of the site with a cramped and congested appearance that would be detrimental to the residential amenities of future and neighbouring occupiers and which would have an adverse highway impact.”

A 23-bed scheme was put forward in November 2018 but withdrawn after criticism of its scale.

An application to build a block of flats directly behind the site was approved in May.

This was followed by the submission of the amended proposals in August.

A statement by consultancy Pure Town Planning on behalf of Mr Lal said the application for one fewer bed could address the council’s concerns.

“It is envisaged that the proposal would introduce an attractive form of development which can be assimilated into this location without the risk of being seen as overdevelopment,” it said.

But the application was refused by the council earlier this month.

Mr Burridge said advice to put forward a smaller building for the site had not been followed and criticised the proposed parking provision.

“The applicant has failed to demonstrate how this proposal will mitigate against students parking on-street,” his report added.

“The proposed development will exacerbate the existing on-street parking stress within the vicinity of the site which is likely to lead to increased instances of inconsiderate and illegal parking and interfere with the free flow of traffic on surrounding roads.”