HIGH Spring Tides struck on Wednesday, with high waters affecting homes, businesses and organisations.

Club captain of Poole Amateur Rowing Club, Pete Jacobs, said high water could have a major impact on the club.

He said: “We are used to the floods now. The last really bad flood was five years ago and we had one foot of water in the boathouse and nine inches of water in the bar house. There was lots of damage to electrics.”

Despite the club still being affected by floods, Pete said that they have been luckier this year: “Today we did have lots of water but there was only half an inch of water off of the bar area.”

Preparation is key to prevent any further damage caused by potential flooding.

The club have taken steps to ensure that if exceptionally high tides or floods do occur, their equipment and building will not be susceptible to extreme damage.

Pete said: “We now have carpet tiles instead of carpets and the rowing machines are lifted up. We are fortunate that we are able to lift our rowing machines above the floor in the boathouse. However, days like today show that work is needed.”

The Environment Agency issued a warning of a “large tidal surge”for Wednesday, with areas of Christchurch and Poole impacted.

Despite flood defences in place in Poole, Pete said more needs to be done.

He said: “There is a big gap on our side and the development needs work to prevent the impact of flooding. In order for us to expand our membership, we need a new building that will enable more protection from floods and allow us to have more members.

“All things are partially achievable.”

Pete hopes that a new infrastructure will be built on the site to help their volunteer-run organisation to avoid flood damage and be able to expand their member numbers.

He added: “We are very vulnerable where we are, so it’s time that something was done.”