NEW Milton, Hinton Admiral, Christchurch, Pokesdown, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Branksome, Parkstone, Poole, Hamworthy, Holton Heath, these are the local railway stations already there and spread out across our conurbation.

Would it not make sense to have a commuter train network serving these stations with buses running from that station to the local attraction, i.e. you have to get from the Purbecks to Royal Bournemouth Hospital, so bus or park up at Holton Heath, train to Pokesdown and shuttle bus down the hill to RBH? Just think of the frustrating car journeys that would save.

It’s summer and you want to take the kids to Sandbanks but the thought of queuing up for the car park is off putting, so train to Parkstone and shuttle bus to Sanbanks.

Want to go to work or theatre or shopping in Bournemouth? Then commuter train to Bournemouth and shuttle bus through Lansdowne and down the hill to Bournemouth.

Visiting fans going to AFC – could we not encourage them to come by train with their families to Pokesdown where hubby alights and gets to new stadium hopefully by covered walkway, whilst missus and kids stay on train to Bournemouth then into town for beach or shopping and later dad comes in to join them? So a meal then a show, stay the night and home by train on Sunday. Just what we need, visitors spending money with hardly any carbon footprint.


Westwood Avenue, Ferndown