A MAN who was shoved into a bush and sat on after he brandished a 'pistol' at a Poole homeowner in a row over a moped has appeared before a judge again.

Thomas Brown, formerly of Alder Road in Poole but now of no fixed abode, pointed a counterfeit firearm at Michael Leck in Library Road, Poole on May 27 2017.

Mr Leck's son spotted the incident unfolding and rugby-tackled Brown to the ground before kicking the fake gun away and sitting on him until police arrived.

Brown admitted possessing an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and was sentenced to a community order with a requirement to attend a 'thinking skills' programme and 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

However, last week, Brown, who is now 22, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court to admit repeatedly breaching the order.

Richard Onslow, prosecuting, said it is the second time Brown has come before the court for a breach. On the first occasion, the order was varied by a judge in order to ensure compliance, but Brown has still failed to attend as required.

"On May 27 2017, the defendant was at 11.15am riding a black moped along Library Road in Poole. That is a one way road and the defendant was riding the wrong way," Mr Onslow said.

"Mr Leck, who lives nearby, stepped into the street and confronted him but Mr Brown said, 'I don't care, I just want to get to the park'.

"There was a discussion and, whatever happened there, the defendant got off his moped and opened a luggage compartment, from which he pulled out a realistic-looking pistol.

"In fact, it was a gas-powered BB gun which was loaded with a metal ball bearing. It was ready to fire."

Mr Leck told police Brown pointed the gun at his forehead and said: "What are you going to do now?" This was denied by Brown, who said he "flashed" the pistol after Mr Leck started a confrontation.

"The victim's son was nearby. On seeing what was happening, he ran over and rugby tackled Mr Brown to the ground," Mr Onslow said.

"He knocked the pistol from his grasp and kicked it away. Brown got up and Mr Leck junior pushed him into a bush and then sat on him until police arrived.

"It's the sort of thing one sees in American action films, but not a great deal of in Library Road, Poole."

Roderick Blaine, mitigating for Brown, said the defendant suffers with a series of conditions for which he is medicated, including ADHD, anxiety, psychosis and paranoia.

"His problem with engaging with probation consistently stems from his anxiety," Mr Blaine said.

"When others start being disruptive, he cannot help himself and joins in."

Judge Robert Pawson said he had no choice but to send Brown to prison as he refuses to comply with orders.

Sentencing Brown to eight months in prison, the judge said: "The victim was absolutely terrified. His son was extremely courageous."