THE chief executive of Airbnb has vowed to crack down on so-called ‘party houses’ – as gatherings continue at a huge Sandbanks property allegedly rented out by stags and hens.

Brian Chesky, who heads the US-based online marketplace for lodgings, has outlined ways it plans to deal with the issue.

The Daily Echo has recently reported on two properties, one of which continues to be used as a party house, according to neighbours.

The four-bed property in Salter Road, which is worth more than £1.3million, caters to groups of up to 16 for £750 a night.

Neighbours claim ‘raucous’ hen and stag parties stay at the house and party until the early hours of the morning.

Although initially parties were held just at weekends, John Paterson and his wife Jennie, who live nearby, say the troubles are now spilling over into weeknights.

Weeks after speaking to the Echo the first time about the problems, Mr Paterson said: “The noise goes on.

“On one Monday night we had thumping music and the following morning, when my wife needed to get to the station, we found that next door’s guests had parked in our driveway so she couldn’t get out.”

Mr Paterson said the couple’s hearts “sank” when they found out there would be yet another weeknight party with more than 20 guests.

“It’s bad enough at weekends but to have it on a Monday and a Tuesday as well is beyond a joke,” he said.

Mr and Mrs Paterson are currently working with BCP Council over the problem.

In July, a home in Bournemouth’s Talbot Woods area was shut by the courts after a series of hen and stag parties were held in the outdoor pool.

The closure at 24 Braidley Road, which was advertised online as The Stag House and The Party House, was lifted by magistrates later.

Airbnb’s boss spoke out on the issue after a shooting in which five people died at an Airbnb in California home this month.

In a statement online, Mr Chesky said: “We are banning ‘party houses’ and we are redoubling our efforts to combat unauthorised parties and get rid of abusive host and guest conduct.”

Rapid response ‘party house’ teams will be created, while manual screening of ‘high-risk’ reservations flagged by detection technology will be expanded. Users who violate guest policies will be dealt with, often by getting them to leave, he said. “We must do better, and we will. This is unacceptable,” Mr Chesky said.