A REPORT released last week claimed that Poole has one of the worst high streets in the UK. This claim was largely based on a small reduction in cash machines in the area.

Putting aside the fact that cash usage in general has been declining for a number of years, the report did not take into account any of the positive things that have been happening on Poole High Street in recent years.

Much of this has been reported in this paper: Poole securing funding from the Future High Street Fund, the Heritage Action Zone designation and many free events throughout the year including Light Up Poole, which brought an additional 40,000 people to Poole. The tireless work that the small and large businesses that trade on and around Poole High Street do to ensure their businesses thrive in the future has also been ignored.

At Poole BID, we are passionate about supporting these businesses, and are deeply disappointed that reports such as these choose to chase sensational headlines rather than engaging their efforts in helping support the businesses and community of Poole high street.


BID Manager, Poole Business Improvement District