I NOTE recent correspondence regarding abandoned dog excrement around our streets.

I walk my dog around Upper Parkstone and am frustrated by the reduction in the number of litter bins and dog waste bins.

First, one of the Hartford Road Open Space bins vanished, then one from outside the church in Brixey Road, then one beside the bench outside Halfords on Ringwood Road – and that's just those close to me.

Last week we walked around Canford Cliffs and, in a 45 minute walk, did not pass a single litter bin. Just as the introduction of complex charges at the council refuse disposal centre was associated with an increase in the the incidence of fly-tipping around the borough, perhaps it's hardly surprising that the removal of bins is associated with an increase in littering of both animal and human waste.

I'm aware that both are multi-factorial issues, but the provision of adequate, conveniently placed bins should surely be the first line of prevention? Come on, BCP council, look at your bin provision and make it easier for people to do the right thing.

HELEN ROSS, Worrell Drive, Parkstone