A CAMPAIGN has been launched in an attempt to unseat Sir Christopher Chope from his Christchurch constituency in next month's General Election – and it involves a rather unique set of furniture.

Christchurch Chairs Against Chope is attempting to gain support in the seat, which has been won by Sir Christopher and the Conservatives in six elections dating back to 1997.

Ahead of residents going to the polls on December 12, the campaign will place chairs emblazoned with messages about the veteran politician's voting record, which has proved divisive, around the constituency.

Lorna Rees, chair of Christchurch Chairs Against Chope, said: "We don’t think Chope should be sitting pretty come December 12.

"Many people, even those who have voted for and campaigned for the Conservative party all their lives find it impossible to support him.

"A member of his own party has said “it appears he's trying to block bills to protect women which is not a popular thing. He’s an old dinosaur.""

The group has created 28 chairs, one for each day of the campaign since the candidate list was announced on November 14.

"We hope the chairs make people smile and encourage people to vote chairfully," said Ms Rees.

Some of Sir Christopher's actions in the House of Commons have drawn widespread criticism from the public and in political circles

This includes his attempts to block bills on legislation relating to female genital mutilation and 'upskirting'.