RESIDENTS have been warned about so-called Nottingham Knockers, after numerous calls to the police about cold callers in the county.

Nottingham Knockers is a general term relating to unlicensed doorstep sellers, many of whom often claim to be ex-convicts on some kind of rehabilitation scheme.

They are not, however, involved in any official recognised rehabilitation programme and many don’t carry Pedlar’s Certificates which are legally required to sell door-to-door.

Although they have been reported in the north of the county, they could also be operating in other areas.

North and East Dorset Rural Police said: "We have received a number of calls regarding Nottingham Knockers, cold calling, selling goods at the door.

"Please be wary of buying goods at the door often they can be of poor quality.

"Do not give your bank details, card or cheque, to people that you don't know.

"Door stickers are available from your local NPT this will help prevent uninvited traders calling at your property."

A Dorset Police spokesman said: "We would advise against buying from people selling door to door. However, if you are intending to buy from a doorstep seller, please ensure that they have a pedlar’s certificate.

"If a doorstep seller causes any concern, contact police on 101 giving as much detail as you can, including descriptions and vehicle registration numbers if possible.

"If the trader won’t leave your house, dial 999."