A GROUP of Film Production students at Arts University Bournemouth are hoping that their upcoming film, 'Gutter Girls', will be right up your alley.

'Gutter Girls', an original film by student Charlii Kerr, is set to be filmed in March 2020, with production already underway.

The students are working in conjunction with the rebranded 'Bowl Central' in Bournemouth to help their vision come to life.

Writer and production designer Charlii Kerr explained her inspiration: "Derry Girls writer Lisa McGee was my main inspiration. The importance of female leads also inspired me to write the film."

As production designer, Charlii faces the challenge of creating a bowling alley from scratch, demonstrating her ambitious goals for the film, where she hopes to produce something great: "We want to create a striking, visual and entertaining comedy that people will really enjoy."

But in order for the film to go ahead, the group have asked for help from the public.

A Crowdfunding page has been set up to help attain the £8500 that is required to make the film.

Producer Molly Wise explained why people should donate: "We feel that this film is so important and we would love to get it made.

"If people donate a certain amount, they could appear on the end credits, receive a signed bowling pin from the cast and more."

Charlii added: "If you donate you help us to achieve creating this great film. You will be supporting young, individual filmmaking, which is important in the community."

'Gutter Girls' is a comedy that explores relationships between women, demonstrating a side to women that isn't usually presented.

Molly said:"It's an alternative comedy. The film is funny because the characters are funny, not just because they're women."

The film is ideal for those who love comedy, female protagonists and of course, bowling.

Being able to write and design 'Gutter Girls' comes from Charlii's love for the power of creative storytelling.

She said: "Amazing films come from people's imaginations. You can create a whole film from someone's mind."

The cast and crew is another exciting aspect of the film for Charlii.

She said: "It's a mostly female crew, which is important as their artistic opinions will be a crucial part of the film. The casting so far is also great, as the cast are really taking the script to heart."

'Gutter Girls' will feature Anna MacArthur, a London based actor, as the lead of the film.

The film will be premiered at next year's BFI Film Festival.

"Filming it all and finally producing the film is a scary but exciting thought," Charlii said.

"I'm excited to tackle problems and work with various people behind-the-scenes to make the film a great achievement."

To support the production of 'Gutter Girls', you can donate via their Crowdfunding page: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/gutter-girls

For more information, visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/guttergirlsfilm/ or Instagram: @guttergirlsfim