A DELIVERY driver has been rapped after he ‘completely blocked’ the same pedestrian crossing where Jaiden Mangan was killed by a lorry last year.

The selfish van man parked across the crossing in North Street, Wareham on Saturday evening. He initially refused to move when approached by police.

Jaiden, who was just three, was hit by ‘frustrated’ lorry driver Dean Phoenix on March 29 last year.

The crash happened after Graham Booker, 71, left his Vauxhall Astra on the zig zag lines at the crossing.

The manoeuvre caused a chicane-effect, with oncoming traffic having to pull out and drive around the Astra.

One of those vehicles was the Sainsbury’s articulated lorry driven by Phoenix. Jurors later heard he had been too distracted by ‘sarcastically clapping’ to see traffic lights change.

Phoenix, 44 and of Chineham in Hampshire, was sentenced to a year in prison in April. He was cleared of death by dangerous driving, but admitted death by careless driving.

Officers from Dorset Police’s No Excuse team spotted the van driver as they patrolled in the town last weekend.

An officer from the team said: “A delivery vehicle was parked completely blocking the pedestrian crossing.

“The crossing could not be used safely.”

Officers quickly tracked down the driver.

“The delivery driver was found a short distance away,” the spokesperson said.

“He initially refused to move his vehicle because he said he wanted to complete his delivery.

“Strong words of advice were given and he moved it a short distance away.

“He was then issued with a fixed penalty notice with a recommendation he completes a driver awareness course.

“This offence can be dealt with by way of a fixed penalty of three points and an £100 fine, or an educational course.

“On completion of the three-hour course no points are awarded. However, if the course isn’t completed, three points can still be added to their driving licence.

“We prefer the educational option but every case is different.

“Hopefully this driver will think twice about others and park safely in the future.”