A DELIVERY driver who keeps toy animals on the dashboard of his van left his car parked 'dangerously' on a pedestrian crossing, police say.

The parking was spotted by officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team during a patrol of Bournemouth Road, Poole last Friday afternoon.

An officer from the team said: "A large delivery vehicle was parked unattended on the approach to a pedestrian crossing.

"The vehicle was parked on the zig zag markings completely blocking the view of other road users and pedestrians.

"This is dangerous in its own right and, had the driver not returned to the vehicle, it would have been seized for being dangerously parked.

"The driver was issued with strong words of advice and given a fixed penalty traffic offence report with a recommendation for a driver awareness course.

"The driver did apologise for this but stated they had to deliver two parcels one on either side of the road."