I read the report on the failed surf reef (November 5) and know how many thousands of pounds were wasted on the project.

Boscombe Pier, the poor relation of Bournemouth Pier, to me is being both wasted and virtually ignored.

Why not make good use of it?

A suggestion was mooted a month or two ago about a Waterborne Taxi service from Poole, but getting alongside the Pier would sometimes be pretty difficult.

Instead of spending more money on another surf reef a few miles away, why not sort or solidify Boscombe Pier?

Filling in the gaps with concrete, then building a solid wall from the Pier towards Christchurch would be similar to the mole at Lyme Regis, making it something of a marina.

This is where visiting yachts could be catered for, which can bring in more revenue than the surf reef.

It could be the making of Boscombe.

It could even house a lifeboat which would be protected by the elements and ready for action, which avoids being dependent on Poole or Swanage.

I am quite aware of the initial costs, but if carried out in a professional manner Boscombe could be the seaborne place like Poole to visit.

John R Cole

St Margaret's Road