THE new parish council in Highcliffe and Walkford has started work on a key neighbourhood plan for the area.

And the process which is likely to take around 18 months, will give residents a say in how their community might develop.

The initiative is being led on behalf of HWPC by independent councillor Nigel Brooks, a member of both the parish council and BCP.

He said: “This is an exciting opportunity to enable residents who live in the parish to help to shape the future of Highcliffe and Walkford.

"A website has been set up giving lots of information which, over time, will keep everyone informed on progress.

"It includes a short video all about neighbourhood plans, please do have a look. You can also get in touch with me using the contact page."

The parish area extends from Chewton Bunny, Chewton Farm Road in the east, to Sainsbury’s and Stewarts Garden Centre in the west, and from the railway line in the north to the coastline in the south.

Cllr Brooks added: "We live in a diverse area with homes, care homes, retail and businesses, lots of green space, employment land and a wonderful coastline.

"As with any area, we have pressures and challenges and the plan will be addressing them head on."

As a first step in order to understand residents’ views and ideas, a workshop for some 30 Highcliffe and Walkford interest groups and businesses is being held in December.

In the New Year, all residents across the Parish area will be asked for their views and ideas on a wide range of issues.

Cllr Brooks said: "This is a hugely important process for the future of our area and I would like everybody to have a voice."

Burton and Hurn parishes are also coming up with their own plans.

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