A SCAMMER who claimed to be from the 'Visa fraud department' almost conned an 82-year-old woman out of £4,000 this week.

Hampshire police have urged New Forest residents to be cautious after the incident, which was reported on Monday, November 11.

The victim, who lives in New Milton, was contacted by a man who claimed there had been fraudulent activity on her bank account. He asked her to go to her bank and transfer £4,000 of her savings into another account for 'safeguarding'.

However, when the woman went to her bank, staff suspected it might be a scam and the matter was reported to the police.

The victim didn't lose any of her money.

Officers from Hampshire police said: "We would like to remind people that banks will never contact you in this way. It is a scam.

"If you do get a call from someone who claims you need to withdraw money from a bank, hang up and report it, using a different phone line.

"Make a note of the date and time of the call, and the number, if available – this information could help any future investigation.

"Never reveal your bank details or give personal information to people who cold call.

"If you know someone who could be taken in by such a scam, please take the time to speak to them and give them this advice."