A BOURNEMOUTH man has proved that good things come in small packages by creating stunning miniature art.

David A Lindon from Northbourne began his journey into miniature art creations two years ago, inspired by renowned miniature artist Willard Wigan MBE.

David explained the impact of his inspiration: “After seeing Willard Wigan’s work, I woke up the following morning at 2 am knowing I should give it a go.

“I have been inspired and driven to make something surprising.”

All of his pieces are displayed on standard size pins and needles, with some in the eye of the needle, some on top of the needle and others on the sharp point.

David’s pieces range from a fairy on a toadstool, to an elephant in the eye of the needle.

Two years on, perseverance, practice and experimentation have been the key to David’s success.

Although David relishes in the feeling of accomplishment once he has finished his pieces, starting them is an aspect that he finds particularly difficult.

“In order to start, I have to get my head in the right place, even if that means doing some cleaning or mowing the lawn beforehand.”

Once David is ready to start, he uses his specialised, hand-made tools to create the art.

He said: “Everything I use apart from my microscope is handmade. There isn’t anything online that I can use to make my art, so I made it myself.”

All of David’s pieces may be small, but each take a different amount of time to create.

Some pieces may take weeks to complete, others may just result in David remaining at his desk all day, peering through the microscope until he’s called to have dinner.

To ensure that nothing hinders his fragile work, David wears a dust mask while working.

“Wearing the mask prevents any movement. A sneeze or slight breath could completely ruin a piece and send it flying across the room, never to be seen again.”

Another important aspect of the process is control.

David added: “A fundamental skill to have is the ability to control your body and concentration, because a shaky hand could also result in destroying weeks of work. I have learnt how to slow down my heartbeat which helps me to steady my hands.”

David’s ambitions range from ensuring his new website and Instagram page have a successful start, to exhibiting his artwork in galleries locally, nationally and worldwide.

When discussing his plans for the future, David showed he wasn’t short of ideas. “I hope to display my work in galleries and create varied things. I have considered making Donald Trump, as well as various structures such as Buckingham Palace. A girl on a trapeze is something I would also love to create.”

For more information, visit David’s website davidalindon.com, or visit his Instagram page: @davidalindon