SHOCKED victims are demanding action after 29 beach huts were broken into at Branksome Chine in Poole.

The huts, which have since been boarded-up by BCP Council, were likely targeted on Wednesday (November 6) night.

Dorset Police, who were contacted on Thursday morning, have launched a full investigation into the break-ins.

For some of the huts, this is the third time they've been targeted in the past couple of years.

Now owners are demanding the council increases security measures, including putting in new locks, security lighting and possibly CCTV cameras.

Hut owner Rob Armstrong, whose hut appeared to have been smashed into again at the weekend – after it was boarded up following the initial burglaries on Wednesday night ­— told the Echo: "I went down on Thursday and the huts were all cordoned off.

"I had a kayak in there which wasn't there when I arrived, but we later found it stuffed down the back. We think they intended to return.

"We've lost a couple of paddles and some beer and wine.

"My beef is that the total rental for just that row of huts must be around £150,000 a year, so you'd expect a little bit more security.

"It seems odd there is no lighting and the doors have an internal release mechanism, a little knob.

"We told the council a year ago to take that away, because all anyone has to do – like what has happened this time – is smash one pane, put an arm in and they're in.

"We told them a year ago, when they were all broken into them, to change that."

All of the huts that were targeted last week had panes smashed close to the front door handle.

Poole Beach Huts Association chairman Bob Lister said he believes the council will now change the locks.

He said: "Beach hut tenants generate £2.4 million a year for the council, but only around £400,000 of that is ring-fenced for upkeep.

"What we have been asking for for years are some solar panelled, PIR lights on the promenade."

PIR lighting have a passive infrared sensor which only activates when objects or people come into view.

Bob said: "There are lights in Bournemouth, but none in Poole – the trouble is there is no electricity along there so they would have to be solar powered.

"Some people say they don't want lighting as they want to watch the stars, but if you had PIR lighting they would only light up when people walked by.

"And we want extra security patrols, obviously.

"Some people are incensed and some people are really upset at being targeted again, it is an invasion of their privacy."

Dorset Police confirmed a report was received at 10.47am on Thursday of break-ins to a number of beach huts.

A police spokesman said: "It was believed that the offences had occurred the previous night.

"It was subsequently reported that a total of 29 huts had been broken into.

"Enquiries into the break-ins are ongoing. No arrests have been made at this stage."

Anyone with information can call 101, quoting occurrence number 55190175788.