A WOMAN says her car was tailgated by a 4x4 driver who repeatedly sounded the vehicle's horn and flashed the lights on a rural stretch of the A338.

In a post which has been widely shared on Facebook, the woman said the vehicle travelling behind was "very close" to her car during the incident, which happened near Fordingbridge this week.

It comes less than a fortnight after a woman driving home alone in the dark along quiet Holt Road was repeatedly hit by a motorist driving close behind her.

The victim of the most recent incident said she was targeted on November 4.

In a post entitled "warning to anyone driving along the Fordingbridge road at night", she said: "[The driver] started flashing his lights and beeping his horn.

"At first I thought there was something wrong with the lights on my car and nearly pulled over but thought better off it, thankfully.

"Before I knew it the four-wheeled car pulled up alongside me, beeping.

"They were very close to the car and getting closer."

The car eventually turned off near Royal Oak, she said.

The incident happened days after a woman travelling from Colehill was tailgated in Holt Road, Wimborne at around 8pm on Tuesday, October 22.

The vehicle travelling behind her touched the bumper of her car repeatedly.

A spokesperson from Dorset Police said: "The victim did not stop and the offending vehicle turned off into the Three Legged Cross area.

"No damage was caused to the victim’s car."