ONE of the pleasures of this job is that you are exposed to almost every kind of music there is and as a result broaden your musical horizons far beyond what you would normally choose to listen to. Tonight was just one of those nights where I discovered not one but two new artists that proved to be some of the most accomplished musicians across any musical genre at the moment.

First up was Sirintip who was joined onstage by members of Snarky Puppy who have collaborated a number of times over the past few years.

This was Sirintip’s first time playing in the UK and after delivering such an accomplished set of songs I am sure she will be welcomed back with open arms should she ever return.

I had not heard of Snarky Puppy before so arrived not really knowing what to expect. I was obviously very late to the party as they have just released their thirteenth record and have three Grammy’s under their belts. They have now been on tour for seven months but still project a feeling of joy onto the audience that is amplified and returned ten fold. The complex rhythms, key changes and ever-changing tempo kept the crowds attention with every solo receiving rapturous applause. I got the feeling that Snarky Puppy are a musicians band as most of the people I spoke to both before and after the gig played some form of instrument themselves and were all in awe of the talent of the guys on stage.

After all how many bands get the audience to clap along tin a polyrhythmic accompaniment to one of their songs.

This turned out to be a pleasant surprise of an evening as I didn’t think that I would enjoy over two hours of jazz, but the sheer quality of the musicianship changed my mind and left me wanting to check out more of their back catalogue. Consider my horizons well and truly expanded.