THIS morning I went to my local supermarket and, after parking within a few hundred yards of the store, entered to note that within the confines of the airy warm air conditioned interior there was a newspaper and magazine shop, there were cards and stationery in abundance. Just on my left was a large selection of clothes for men, women and children of all ages.

All kinds of quality homeware was available together with a good selection of the kind of hardware items which would be commonly used around the home. The most usually needed items of electrical things like bulbs and plugs and adaptors were on display. Gardeners could find a choice of tools, bug deterrents and other paraphernalia for their outdoor activities. Not to mention a wonderful array of cut flowers.

After the greengrocery and meat section there was a butcher, a fishmonger and a delicatessen with helpful knowledgeable assistants who would cut, fillet or slice according to my personal choice. Foods from all over the world were on offer in the dairy and grocery areas.The in-house bakery provided a vast range of bread and cakes to tempt the most discerning palate. The selection of frozen foods is only exceeded by the range of wines and spirits in the off licence. Domestic cleaning and household necessities are covered; as is our health by the pharmacy with a qualified pharmacist.

Coffee or a snack in the cafe can be enjoyed before paying for everything in one place, and pushing everything, in one trolley, to the nearby car and leaving the trolley to be collected. Fuel is available on the way out if required.

While there is no bank there is a currency exchange and ATMs. There is no hairdresser but there is an optician. There is no post office but there is a shoe mender and there are clean public toilets.

Spending money trying to get the high street revived will never persuade me to go from shop to shop in the wind and rain and back and forth to the car in the expensive car park. I prefer one roof, one payment and one trolley thank you.


Russell Mount

Branksome Wood Road