IT’S fair to say that Cats is one of the giants when it comes to musical theatre.

So it is a hugely ambitious production for a local, amateur company to attempt.

But huge congratulations must go to the Highcliffe Charity Players, who did themselves proud with this superb adaptation, which proved so popular that extra shows had to be added to the run at Christchurch’s Regent Centre.

It’s clear a lot of hard work has gone into this production. From the characterisation of the feline cast members, to the hair and make-up, costumes and dancing – every part of the show was spot on.

The cast showcased a huge amount of talent, with impressive vocals from the younger members right through to the most experienced.

Grizabella’s mesmerising rendition of the iconic Memory was a stand-out moment.

The dancing was equally accomplished. Clever choreography and staging ensured good use of the limited space, with several of the more talented performers given suitable chance to shine.

Cats is a full-on show throughout, with only a handful of more sedate moments, and sees most of the cast on stage for the entire production.

But the attention to detail ensured characterisation and energy were kept at an all-time high for the full two hours.

A great opportunity to see a polished production of one of the top musicals in an intimate venue.

Absolutely delightful.