THIS scam has been going for a few years. Two years ago on 11th of November I came in from the garden after spending some time in silence remembering those who had lost their lives so we may have a safer future.(What a waste of life).

The ambience of my solitude was shattered by the phone ringing. Chief Inspector someone or other of the fraud squad of Scotland Yard had phoned me to say they had apprehended a member of a gang of conmen who happened to have my bank details and cloned credit cards in my name, a person at my bank was also involved etc, much as you reported in the Echo.

Having had many scam phone calls over the years, I knew this to be a scam so ripped into him with both barrels, calling him all the most derogatory names possible. I ranted and raved about it being Remembrance Day and scum like him trying to con hard working people out of their savings.

He interrupted my ranting, saying 'it's a sad world for some, you have slogged all your life for a paltry few grand whereas I can get more than that for one phone call', then with a chuckle he hung up. Still muttering obscenities I rang 101 to report the scam phone call.


Julyan Avenue, Poole