NEW shows that have an emphasis on story telling and are dedicated to children are being championed by the Shelley Theatre in Boscombe this season.

Highlights include The Bird Show this Saturday, November 2 and Santa’s Christmas Countdown which comes to town on Sunday, December 15.

Martin Parsons writer and director from Honalee Media (Santa’s Christmas Countdown) said: “Live theatre is about telling stories and make-believe. It builds on worlds children are used to and is an introduction to theatre that can stay with them their entire lives.

“It is centred around making them the most important people in the theatre. With a festive performance, you know it’s going to be at a special time of year. Their participation and singing makes it such a special occasion. Plus every child gets a present.”

Sidney Robb co-founder of The Last Baguette Theatre Company (The Bird Show) added: “Coming to live theatre is all about interacting and participating. It becomes such an enriching experience and to many, something they have never been a part of before.

“Live performance can be relevant to what is happening in the world today and explain to children in a way that has meaning to them.

“The Bird Show is about the environmental challenges that birds (and the rest of us) are facing, but in a fun way, through comedy, music and dance.

“I think that theatre and live performance will thrive as long as it stays relevant and talks about things that are important to people – as well as being fun, engaging, and an exciting collective experience.”

* Visit or call the box office on 01202 413600.