I AM writing to express my disappointment in the local authority's approach to the private rented sector.

As you will be aware the council is running a referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan for Boscombe and Pokesdown this Thursday, but landlords who let property in the relevant wards, but do not live there, cannot take part.

This appears to contradict the previous Bournemouth Borough Council comments that they wished to work with landlords to improve the area.

In the Neighbourhood Plan document, the council states that as of July 2016, 62 per cent of households in Boscombe West lived in privately rented accommodation, and 36 per cent of households did so in Boscombe East (page 60).

Is the local authority going to run a separate exercise with the landlord community?

The council has the opportunity to bring communities together to resolve some of the issues that exist in the area.

Without meaningful engagement with landlords, the local authority is sending the message that is does not wish to work with people who have invested in business locally.

If the council is to have the impact it desires, it will need the support of all the different actors in the community, which includes landlords.

If the council wishes to engage comprehensively, the National Landlords Association would be willing to work with the local authority to develop an approach to participation of landlords, tenants and residents to resolve the issues.


Chief executive officer

National Landlords Association