IT’S 20 years since White Ladder catapulted David Gray far from the fringes slap bang into the middle of the mainstream.

The former busker became a bestseller and was soon swapping pub and club gigs for stadiums and international tours.

Now the multi-platinum, multi-Brit and Grammy-nominated British singer-songwriter has announced a 12-date UK and European arena tour: White Ladder: The 20th Anniversary Tour, to celebrate the trailblazing album’s 20-year anniversary which includes a date in Bournemouth.

His collection of up-tempo, euphoric ballads and powerful folktronica pop songs were the soundtrack to the early noughties.

Gray, a seemingly unassuming singer-songwriter who had faced years of disappointment, suddenly experienced global stardom.

In a previous interview with the Bournemouth Echo, he admitted he had struggled with being thrust into the media spotlight: “You’re a walking pound sign mincing around, everyone is bringing commercial possibilities, every promoter, every agent, every journalist; you’re something that means something good for them. I did shrink into myself when it first happened to me, the fame aspect. But I have grown used to it.”

The seven million record selling album White Ladder will be performed by Gray with all the original band members and with all the original equipment to recreate the record in its entirety, plus a set of the greatest hits.

* David Gray will be performing at the BIC on Tuesday, March 24 in 2020. To book tickets, see