WITH reference to Brexit and the passionate letters your paper has been sharing with us, your readers, over the last three years, I would like to say that I do not understand the anger some 'Leavers' seem to have with the complex issues of the Brexit process. They knew exactly what they were voting for in June 2016:

They had scrutinised the EU budget of the last 40 years to see in which areas the UK had profited from the EU membership.

They had read the various studies and reports over the last 20 or 30 years, demonstrating the importance of the co-operation between the countries of Europe.

They had studied the Lisbon Treaty and knew the procedure for a member state to withdraw from the EU, article 50.

They knew the difference between the single market and a free trade area.

They were familiar with the terms ruling a customs union and the way the WTO regulates global rules of trade between nations.

They were aware what the outcome of leaving the single market/customs union would have on the cross border cooperation between NI and Eire and the Good Friday Agreement.

They recognised that a hung parliament might make it somewhat difficult for a minority government to produce results that would please both sides.

Consequently our friends, who voted to leave the EU knew that they were opting for rather difficult years ahead, upsetting some of their fellow compatriots, anguishing EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Continental EU, and were content to lead their country into an uncertain future, as this would only be temporarily - they believed their choice to be the best option for the United Kingdom.

So I cannot fathom why some 'Leavers' are so upset that the country is now exactly where they wanted it to be led - as I cannot believe that so many had not foreseen these problems after familiarising themselves with the basics of some of the above mentioned points.

As for the 'Remainers', they too foresaw difficulties and are now very worried for the future of the country as they were then.


Onslow Gardens, Wimborne