The names of the naughtiest children in the south west have been revealed.

Jack and Emily are the naughtiest names among children in the region, while children named Arthur and Olivia are considered to be the most well behaved.

Research from parents and teachers agree that children named Jack are the most likely to misbehave in the region, with a fifth of those researched claiming children with the moniker are the naughtiest.

Teachers also admit to expecting them to be unkind to their classmates.

Interestingly, it’s George that children in the region expect to be the naughtiest, demonstrating the differing opinions between the generations.

When it comes to girls, Emily is the name which teachers and children associate most strongly with mischief, although girls’ names generally are considered to be less naughty than boys’ names.

Emily ranks at number nine on the complete list.

Boys named Arthur top the list as the most well behaved, according to the research commissioned by My Nametags.

It’s Olivia that comes out on top of the behaviour chart for girls, with just two percent of those surveyed in the region expecting children with this name to be misbehaved.

Boys named Arthur are also considered the shyest in the class, with their peers agreeing children with this name tend to be the most introverted.

By contrast, girls named Isabella are seen as the most confident children in the region. For boys, Oliver is the most self-assured.

Top 5 Naughtiest Boys Names in the South West

1. Jack

2. George

3. Harry

4. Charlie

5. Leo

Top 5 Naughtiest Girls Names in the South West

1. Emily

2. Sophia

3. Isabella

4. Grace

5. Mia

Top 5 Best-Behaved Boys Names in the South West

1. Arthur

2. Noah

3. Muhammad

4. Oscar

5. Oliver

Top 5 Best-Behaved Girls Names in the South West

1. Olivia

2. Amelia

3. Isla

4. Ava

5. Ella