I THOUGHT I had to write this letter to you on behalf of my mother who is 80 years old.

On Sunday, October 20, I took my mother to Poole to do some shopping, something we do most Sunday's.

My mother wanted to buy a book from WH Smith. We went in and the assistant found it for us and we proceeded to the checkout. The book cost £7.99 but mum thought she had a half price voucher from a magazine but couldn't find it. So she decided not to buy it and return next week with the voucher and buy it then.

We left the shop and proceeded to the Dolphin Centre, where upon a young man approached my mother and handed her the book and said “I have bought this book for you.”

Mum and I were really shocked and Mum shed a tear and I shook the man's hand and thanked him very much. Mum tried to refuse accepting to book but the man was insistent and said it was done now and he wanted her to have the book.

He didn't say his name other than mention he was in the army and was learning French.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to this man and say it has restored our faith in human nature and it proved there are some kind people out there after all.


Cull Close, Poole