A VEGAN café in Christchurch has closed its doors after 18 months in business due to a lack of customers.

The Good Intentions Cafe, which was awarded the ‘best vegetarian' award by Restaurant Guru this year, has shut to customers looking to sit in and eat hot food.

However, bosses are still taking orders for cakes and quiches by phone and email.

Owner Nichola Burdis quit her job of 12 years in April 2018 to open the vegan café.

She said: “Unfortunately I had to close the cafe to reduce overheads as I just didn't have enough customers.

“I had a sound group of vegans who are going to really miss the cafe, but unfortunately just not enough.

"Several of my regular customers came from outside of Christchurch.

"The other issue is location.

"Bargates is a little out of town so you wouldn't find the cafe unless you were actually looking for it.

“Sadly, I have now gone back to work to cover the rent at the cafe.

"I have run the cafe single-handedly as I couldn't afford to pay staff and have not taken a wage for myself.

"I am lucky to have had help from my daughter Rebecca but with a two-year-old of her own, her availability was limited.”

This is the second vegan café to close in Christchurch after Pure Cuisine, which opened in August 2016, closed in June last year.

Nichola said that although the café will not be open, the Good Intentions brand can bee seen as markets and fetes and is still in operation ahead of the festive period.

The 53-year-old said: “I am continuing to take orders for cakes and quiche etc as I am still under lease obligations, so I am continuing to use the kitchen.

“I am taking orders for vegan festive pies and will be attending some local events such as Christchurch Christmas market.”